Rihanna: Why I nixed Chris restraining order 

Don’t worry — Rihanna wants nothing to do with Chris Brown. Although the singer recently supported a judge lifting the restraining order that barred him from getting within 100 feet of her, that doesn’t mean she plans to reconnect with the ex who assaulted her two years ago.

“We don’t have to talk ever again in my life,” RiRi told “Rolling Stone” in a candid interview (which also delves into her kinky bedroom tastes, but we won’t go there). “I just didn’t want to make it more difficult for him professionally.”

“What he did was a personal thing — it had nothing to do with his career,” explained the “What’s My Name” singer. “Saying he has to be a hundred feet away from me, he can’t perform at awards shows — that definitely made it difficult for him.”

Well, that’s awfully generous of her — we’re guessing some women in Rihanna’s position wouldn’t have had a problem with making Chris’s life difficult.

Off the hook

Well, there’s one less legal woe for Lindsay Lohan to deal with! The beleaguered actress will not be prosecuted for allegedly assaulting a Betty Ford staffer in December.

The starlet is said to have come home late for curfew during her rehab program, and gotten into a scuffle with a female employee. But a rep for the Riverside district attorney’s office told People magazine the case won’t be pursued “due to insufficient evidence,” adding, “It wasn’t looked at any differently than other cases, and we didn’t put any special priority on this.”

Unfortunately, LiLo still faces a trial on charges that she stole a necklace from a boutique, and possible prison time if she’s convicted. But hey, at least this means fewer hours of overtime for her long-suffering lawyer.


Kevin Federline may not have much talent in the rapping department, or ... er, most other departments ... but there’s one thing he’s really good at: being a dad. And now the former dancer is set to welcome his fifth child into the world, with girlfriend Victoria Prince, sources tell People.

The “Celebrity Fit Club” alum is already the father of a daughter, Kori, and son, Kaleb, with former partner Shar Jackson — who was pregnant with Kaleb when he left her for Britney Spears. The pop princess went on to marry K-Fed and have two sons with him, Sean Preston and Jayden.

Victoria, a former volleyball pro, has been dating Kevin for more than two years; this will be her first child. E! reports that she is about five months pregnant.

The blond beauty was recently photographed with unofficial stepson Sean Preston at one of his Little League games — with the child patting her starting-to-show tummy in a telltale there’s-a-baby-in-there gesture.

It’s hard to keep secrets around kids — and the paparazzi.

Wedding wait

Jessica Simpson is dishing about her wedding plans — or lack thereof. The singer says she and fiancé Eric Johnson haven’t set a date and might even elope.

“We’ve both been married before,” the former “Newlyweds” star pointed out to Us magazine. We’re enjoying our commitment to each other. We want to take our time.” (Eric was legally still married when he started dating Jessica; he proposed less than six months into their courtship.)

“I will be part of designing my own wedding gown,” the bride-to-be declared. “We might elope if it gets to that point.”

And pass up the chance to sell wedding photos to the highest-bidding tabloid? Not likely!

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