Right-Tech is, finally, coming of age 

As somebody who has been preaching for lo these many years about the importance of the Internet and the Right's "getting it," The Weekly Standard's Mary Katharine Ham has made my day with her report on a recent gathering of political techno-geeks in Austin and how conservative Republicans like Texas Gov. Rick Perry are getting with the digital politics program.

Here are the two key graphs in a must-read piece:

"Of course, if you paid attention to the Texas GOP primary, you might not be that surprised. On March 2, Perry beat Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison by more than 20 points with a largely paperless campaign that used no direct mail and almost no yard signs (they were available for purchase upon request). The campaign also did no robo-calls and no newspaper editorial board meetings and focused instead on Internet ads, social networking websites, and person-to-person campaigning.

"Perry is just the latest Republican to make headway using technology on the campaign trail, as the party out of power finally learns its way around the Internet. Virginia governor Bob McDonnell’s campaign was designed with a nod to Barack Obama’s online successes. And Scott Brown’s insurgent campaign for the Senate in Massachusetts showed how potent technology can be for a team that’s low on money but high on energy."

This may be the most encouraging piece I've read in years. Go here and you can be encouraged, too!

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