Rielle Hunter: John Edwards had 'problems' VP vetting didn't find 

Rielle Hunter, mistress of John Edwards and mother of their child together, has given a long interview to GQ magazine. In it, she says she was surprised that Edwards decided to pursue a run for the presidency because "he had a lot of problems going on that nobody knew about." Hunter tells GQ that Edwards "had already been vetted for a vice-presidential campaign. And he had a lot of problems going on that nobody knew about."

In the interview, GQ's Lisa DePaulo asks about Edwards' decision to announce his candidacy in December 2006 in New Orleans.

In that time, did you think he should be running for president?

Oh, no, I did not think he should run for president.

Because of you?

Because of his entire life. Here's the most interesting thing. He had already been vetted for a vice presidential campaign. And he had a lot of problems going on that nobody knew about. So no, I didn't think he should run…

Later, GQ asks Hunter about the moment a few months later, when Edwards announced he was staying in the race even though his wife Elizabeth had discovered that she had incurable cancer.

At point, the two of you had been together for thirteen months. Where were you, and what were you thinking?

I believe he was in Iowa, and he left to go back, for Elizabeth. And my surprise was that they stayed in the race. I was shocked. I really viewed it as reckless. And what's interesting is that she wanted to stay in. That's the key. He wanted to get out, and she wanted to stay in.

He wanted to get out because she was sick? Or because of you?

He wanted to get out because of everything. The last three months of his life had been hell. And he just…he was on the fence about announcing, interestingly, in New Orleans. She actually pushed him to announce as well. Of course, she didn't have all the facts. She was in denial about a lot of facts. And I say she was in denial because, you know, their relationship has been dysfunctional and toxic and awful for many, many years. And she was aware of, um, problems and chose to ignore them.

By problems, do you mean other women before you?

In part, yes.

 In the rest of the interview, Hunter addresses questions about the money she received from Edwards backers during her pregnancy and after, the scheme to have Edwards aide Andrew Young claim paternity, her reaction to Edwards' denial of the affair, and later of paternity, her work as a campaign videographer, and the notorious sex tape she made of herself and Edwards.

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