Retro Republican spending levels totally tenable 

"60s Retro Budget Plan by Republicans Unfit for Today: Gutting Federal Spending to 1966 Levels Is Untenable," reads the Center for American Progress "Infographic" attacking the House Cut, Cap, and Balance Act. CAP notes that the last time federal government spending accounted for just 18% of gross domestic product (gdp) was 1966. Their Infographic then shows all the wonderful ways America has changed since that time. But there is just one problem. CAP has their facts wrong. The House Cut, Cap, and Balance Act caps spending at 19.9% of gdp, not 18%.

To find the last time that federal government spending made up 19.9% of gdp, CAP would have to travel all the way back to ... 2007 (see Table 1.2). In fact, 19.9% of gdp is the post-World War II average spending level for the federal government.

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