Resignation of longtime spokesman looks particularly bad for Newt 

Reading the news that Newt Gingrich's senior aides had bailed of his campaign en masse, I was particularly struck by the fact that longtime spokesman Rick Tyler was on the list.

Tyler has been with Gingrich for a decade, not only acting as a spokesman as the former House Speaker started a number of political and policy organizations, but also serving as a contributing author to several of his books.  And who can forget his epic statement responding to press criticism on Gingrich's political troubles.

It's one thing if mercenary hired hands decide to leave, but it's much more worrisome when somebody who has been with a politician through thick and thin bails.

I've been skeptical of Gingrich's ability to manage an effective presidential campaign from the get go. This sense has been consistently reinforced, as he cited his patriotism to explain his marital infidelity and then decided to join the Democratic chorus in attack Rep. Paul Ryan's Medicare plan as "radical" and "right-wing social engineering." Among other bungles.

To speculate as to whether Newt can survive this latest blow implies that he had a chance of winning the GOP nomination in the first place, so let's just say it's more confirmation of the view that his candidacy is doomed.

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