Residents will be soaked by Saltworks project 

I just have one question for Save the Bay: What are you going to do to protect my neighborhood from rising sea levels?

I know the answer: nothing.

The Saltworks project will build and maintain a levee system to protect the housing of low-income, Spanish-speaking neighbors. Your marshland “plan” pretends we don’t matter or even exist. You’re happy to come to the edge of our neighborhood to take pretty pictures of the birds you claim you’ll save from the Saltworks project.

But when we have no levee, I’m sure we won’t find you in the middle of our neighborhood working with us to find and pay for new housing.

You must be hoping that we’ll just move away, so that the rich folks up the hill can come down and revel in the “nature” of what used to be our neighborhood.

Magdalena Mora, Redwood City

Libya strategy was sound

In The San Francisco Examiner’s Friday editorial, President Barack Obama was criticized for bypassing Congress on the United Nations’ military actions against Libyan government forces.

This criticism rings hollow, because The Examiner and other conservative media would have been the first to criticize Obama if hundreds of Libyan civilians had been killed by Gadhafi’s forces in the absence of U.S. action.

In fact, Obama had his priorities straight. He obtained U.N. authorization, including the members of the Arab League (unlike President George W. Bush’s unauthorized invasion of Iraq, resulting in a trillion-dollar war and more than 4,000 American deaths). And then, with other members of the U.N., the U.S. quickly acted to prevent the continuing massacre of Libyan civilians. As we now know, hundreds, if not thousands, of Libyan civilian lives have been saved and Gadhafi’s military forces, including African mercenaries, are in retreat.

John M. Kelly, San Francisco

Left out of Libya decision

Now American armed forces are bombing Libyan troops. Maybe this is the right thing to do. But before sending our troops into harm’s way, shouldn’t President Barack Obama have first asked for congressional approval?

Say what you will about President George W. Bush, but before our soldiers went into Iraq, at least he got approval from Congress, including Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy.

Scott Abramson, San Mateo

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