Rep. Connolly flip-flops on tax cuts 

Last August, Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-11th, “emerged as a surprising advocate for the continuation of the tax cuts enacted under former President George W. Bush,” according to NewsTalk’s Bruce DePuyt.

“Locked in a tight re-election battle with Republican Keith Fimian, [Connolly] explains why he believes now is not the time for a ‘tax hike.’” 

The Northern Virginia Democrat’s position in support of the Bush tax cuts was even more surprising because he insisted that they “did not produce what was promised,” he told DePuyt during a televised interview.

“We were promised unparalleled prosperity, job growth til the cows came home,” Connolly said. “Instead, we had the most anemic job growth …and of course the worst economic performance in 80 years.”

So although Connolly believed that the Bush tax cuts were a miserable failure, he was still in favor extending them anyway.

“In this case I break with my own party again… I believe that given the fragility of the economic recovery, we’re only going at 1.6 percent right now, I think this is just the wrong time to be talking about tax increases for any group of taxpayers ….I think they should be extended.”

When asked about the apparent discrepancy of supporting tax cuts that did not produce the promised results, Connolly replied: “I actually have consistently held this position.”

But Connolly is now inconsistently opposed to the same tax policy he supported just eight months ago.

According to a twitter by ABC News’ Rick Klein:“Rep. Connolly: ‘do not favor permanent extension’ of tax cuts for 250K plus. ‘need to look at’ middle-class tax cut too.”

The difference between then and now? Connolly’s not running for reelection this year.

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