Remember Hugo Chavez’s human-rights abuses 

? Quote of the Month: Supervisor John Avalos praising late Hugo Chavez, Melissa Griffin, Local News, Thursday

Remember Chavez’s human-rights abuses

Thanks to Supervisor John Avalos for showcasing his total ignorance in world affairs and the role that people like Hugo Chavez of Venezuela have played in the suppression of liberties, free enterprise and human rights in Latin America.

I would encourage him to go to Venezuela and witness firsthand how the Bolivarian state deals with dissent. Freedom of speech is a right in this country, while it is seldom a privilege there.

Marcos Gallard
Foster City

Chavez was a hero

Supervisor John Avalos’ statement about Hugo Chavez was extraordinary. The supervisor is to be commended for acknowledging the accomplishments of this fallen Venezuelan president. Chavez challenged the status quo by showing that a leader could have integrity by working for the benefit of the majority, the poor — not the elites who controlled the wealth of the country. He also showed that the oil belongs to the people, not the oil companies.

John Avalos is a fine representative of “San Francisco politics,” which does not have to be “explained to out-of-towners,” unless they believe the flag-waving, jingoistic and false media reports prevalent — especially stories about a leader who dares to step away from corporate and imperialist control. Why do you continue to condemn socialism, a system catching on in Latin America, in part due to the leadership of Hugo Chavez?

Dolores Perez Priem
San Francisco

Avolos quote no surprise

Supervisor John Avalos’s anti-patriotic quote and ramp on Hugo Chavez’s death, where he says it will help those who have a difficult time explaining San Francisco politics to out-of-towners, is exactly why I have consistently said no to The City’s politics!

I cannot think of a more anti-American, anti-capitalistic despotic democratic dictator than the former president of Venezuela, a man who tossed white farm owners off their land, nationalized it, along with many private corporations, and stuffed his pockets and those of his family with hundreds of billions of dollars, while increasing poverty among the people.

Why, this is also what people like Supervisor John Avalos are trying to do to the people of San Francisco.

Frank Norton
San Francisco

? “New Supervisor Katy Tang eager to fix dreaded Muni switchbacks,” Melissa Griffin, Local News, Thursday

Not sweet on Tang

Is it coincidence or just another example of how The City’s political machine stacks the deck? In this case, the deck is the November election for an elected supervisor in District 4.

In my opinion, this article is a quintessential example of how the machine in The City operates; appoint someone with no experience to an office and then have a machine-friendly newspaper celebrate promised future actions to boost present credibility.

Wouldn’t it be nice to learn who it is behind the curtain pulling the strings? That’s the real dread in The City!

Herb Mintz
San Francisco

? U.S. budget battle

Cut politicians’ paychecks

It would be nice if you San Franciscians would get Nancy Pelosi to try to explain her stance on why it is “beneath the dignity of congress to take a pay cut” but it is OK for soldiers — who actually do something worthwhile for this country — to go hungry.

Granted, she is from California, but she is speaking for the U.S. Congress. Thusly, I feel it is only reasonable that she explain her political mentality to Americans in all states.

William Randolph
Canon City, Colo.

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