Reid campaign working from the Coakley playbook 

Losing an election? Just accuse your opponent of trying to deny treatment to rape victims.

From Legal Insurrection:

Last January, Democrats in Massachusetts sent out a mailer accusing Scott Brown of wanting to deny medical care to rape victims, because he had introduced state legislation providing health care providers with a religious conscience exemption to providing abortion-related services, so long as alternative arrangements were in place.

The provision proposed by Brown was almost identical to a provision which was in the Democratic health care bill crafted by Harry Reid.

Since such exemption would have applied even to circumstances where the abortion services arose out of a rape, the Democrats played the political rape card by sending a mailer claiming that Brown wanted rape victims turned away from hospitals.

Now we are seeing the rape card used against Sharron Angle because she is pro-Life.

If voters in Massachusetts couldn’t be fooled, do you think they’re that gullible in Nevada?

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