Redwood City headed in the wrong direction 

I was surprised to see that the 2011 Redwood City Downtown Business Directory includes a full-page ad for Cargill/DMB’s proposed Saltworks project. This ad actually describes a new Saltworks downtown with “retail shops, restaurants, office space and residential homes.”

I believe the Downtown Redwood City Business Group and the City Council are shooting themselves in the foot by promoting Saltworks. Redwood City’s own initial study for Saltworks says this project could “redirect growth from the city’s downtown to the project site.” This same study also says that Saltworks could have “potentially significant impacts” on our existing parks, local and regional traffic and our Port industries.

The Saltworks ad in the downtown directory is another example of how our city leaders are supporting Cargill and DMB in their quest to turn our town into Saltworks City. They are promoting a project that poses a serious threat to the success of Redwood City’s downtown plan, and to the economic and environmental health of our community. Our leaders should focus on the downtown we already have.

Judy Serebrin, Redwood City


Reclaim Harvey Milk Plaza

It is time for the Department of Public Works to reclaim Harvey Milk Plaza for the citizens of San Francisco. This historic public space is now partially controlled by a private association, the Merchants of Upper Market and Castro.

The DPW has not been able to find a single written document granting authority over the plaza’s rainbow flag and pole to the merchants. The MUMC association allows no public input into when the flag is lowered or another flag is raised, and it maintains an unacceptably secretive vetting process.

What needs to be done is that the DPW should establish a community committee to process requests for flag honors in an open and transparent procedure.

Michael Petrelis, San Francisco


Don’t blame tea party

Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ outburst against the tea party doesn’t make sense. The tea party did not dismantle our factories, and outsource our manufacturing base to China and India at a cost of four million American jobs. She should be blaming the international globalist elitists for making us a nation of debtors by putting cheap foreign labor ahead of the interests of America’s middle class. She should be blaming both parties for allowing this to happen to America.

Philip Melnick, San Francisco

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