Redevelopment agencies don’t work 

The Examiner’s editorial extolling redevelopment agencies (“Redevelopment is still important without agency,” Jan. 22) minimizes the harm they cause to taxpayers and property owners.

Redevelopment agencies have condemned things like golf courses, park land and houses with chipped paint, and transferred them to auto dealers, big-box stores and even professional sports teams. They did this without producing any evidence that redevelopment agencies attract businesses to California or increase overall regional economic development.

Gov. Jerry Brown and the Legislature were correct to get rid of these abusive agencies. The city of San Francisco should not continue their record of abuse and mismanagement.  

Bill Maurer

Birth control is basic care

As a Catholic, I applaud the Obama administration for ensuring that nurses, teachers and secretaries have access to affordable birth control.

The Catholic bishops who are fighting this decision don’t speak for me. I don’t think it’s right for my boss to dictate whether I can or can’t have access to affordable birth control.

President Barack Obama is right to reject proposals that would deny nurses, teachers and women of all faiths who work at religiously affiliated hospitals and schools.

All my friends, Catholic and non-Catholic, use birth control. It’s basic health care and it’s common sense.

This new birth control coverage benefit means that my friends and I will save hundreds of dollars in costly co-pays. And for that, I thank President Obama.

Jose Ricardo Bondoc
San Francisco

Hold Occupy responsible

The anarchists who call themselves Occupy Oakland are not protesters. They are a mob of lawless vandals who don’t believe in free speech and the rights of other people.

The only way to stop them is to hold them financially and criminally responsible for the damage they do to public and private property, the loss of income to businesses they disrupt, and the cost of city services such as police and cleanup.

Once arrested, they should spend at least six months in jail and perform one year of community service.

Howard Epstein
San Francisco

Occupy is just a party

We see countless reports on demonstrators arrested but no reports on the number charged.  

It is common to arrest and book demonstrators, even violent ones, and let them go home after booking, but charges are never brought against them.  It is just one big continuous party for them. I was once part of those parties.

Michael Phillips
San Francisco

Support for sheriff

It might take a while for all the twists and turns in the Mirkarimi case to work themselves out, but some would happily send him out the door right now. No surprise, as local conservatives have already convicted the man, arguing he should step down because the case is “killing morale” in the Sheriff’s Department. I disagree.

Justice delayed equals justice denied. The court system can be dilatory, unpleasant, cruel and sometimes farcical — but, fallible as it is, it’s the best system we’ve got. Let it work, people.

In a trumped-up case fraught with political overtones, copping a plea would mean giving in to the lowest form of gotcha politics and the vigilantism entrained. Ross Mirkarimi and his wife understand that. More power to them.

Barry S. Eisenberg
San Francisco

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