Recycling center advocates say there won't be drama on eviction day 

The issue involving the Haight Ashbury Neighborhood Council recycling center is coming to a head, but there will likely not be fireworks around an eviction until at least Monday.

HANC recycling center advocates promised an old-fashioned showdown come eviction day on Friday, which The Snitch reported earlier this week, but the showdown at the center will more likely later.

In December the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department issued an eviction notice that is effective after 5 p.m. Friday.

However, if HANC staff refuses to leave, then Rec and Park will have to wait to file for a writ of unlawful detainer through the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office on Monday. It would then be up the the Sheriff's Office whether the recycling center should be forced out.

“There won’t be any fireworks [on Friday],” said the center’s Executive Director Ed Dunn, noting that the writ is what “gives the sheriff the right to kick your door in and kick you out.”

The idea, however, is for there not to be confrontation. 

“Our goal all along has been to have an amicable resolution to this and we have repeatedly told HANC we want them involved,” said Rec and Park spokeswoman Sarah Ballard. “But we want the industrial recycling activity in the park to cease.”

And if you want to know the nitty-gritty, the recenter’s lawyer sent a letter to Rec and Park on Wednesday stating that the March 4 eviction date is illegal according to HANC’s lease and that they have rights to the land until June 30.

The City Operations and Neighborhood Services Committee also voted 2-1 Monday to suggest the San Francisco Board of Supervisors adopt a non-binding resolution to support the withdrawl the eviction notice entirely.

The resolution calls on Mayor Ed Lee to intervene, but he has already said he doesn’t plan to get involved.

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