Reckless taxi drivers are hurting The City 

I have witnessed several pedestrians and bicyclists coming close to being run over by San Francisco taxi drivers, and I find it alarming.

Some of these taxi drivers run red lights and make illegal turns without regard for the lives of people around them, although the statistics of fatalities might not paint a clear picture of how dangerous some of these taxi drivers are.

I was nearly hit by one taxi driver last week while walking in a crosswalk. My light was green, and there was clearly a sign that says “No Turn on Red.”

Alas, this taxi driver made the illegal turn and almost hit me. I took down the number, but couldn’t get to anyone at the listed company. I think some of these taxi drivers need to be more enlightened on how their dangerous driving habits could cause havoc.

I would also like the taxi companies to work in a way that would reduce pressure and stress on some of these drivers. I don’t hate taxi drivers — they are working to make ends meet — but they should try and make San Francisco a safer place. This is applicable to all bad drivers out there, as well.

John Tanwani

No longer the S.F. 49ers

The struggling Bayview-Hunters Point neighborhood is not good enough for the 49ers, but the city name, San Francisco, is. However, Santa Clara has a nice enough neighborhood, but the name, Santa Clara, is not good enough for the team. State Sen. Carole Migden’s Senate bill 49 tried to prevent the move. Then, the 49ers threatened to leave the area entirely if the bill passed. Migden’s Hail Mary of a bill fell incomplete.

I understand fearful elected officials in The City (past and present), who swore an oath to protect The City, being willing to sacrifice a less-desirable area of this great city just to keep our name on the beloved 49ers. However, to The City faithful, choosing a professional football team over any part of what once was a great city is reprehensible.

The people of San Francisco can live without the 49ers, and I can easily cheer fully for the Santa Clara 49ers. However, if we allow the 49ers to just take San Francisco’s name in this stadium move, what will others call us?

Allen Jones
San Francisco

Board is bad for business

We citizens of San Francisco obviously need to take a hard look at who we elect to the Board of Supervisors in the future. Most of them seem like they have no education, or at least  didn’t pay attention in any business course.

If I were one of them, I would be worried about keeping my job — this includes the mayor. These people should be helping our city and not pleasing a minority that hates productive corporate America.

Adrien Dion
San Francisco

Let Israel fight Iran alone

Israel wants to keep America out of the loop when it comes to its decision to attack Iran. But Israel expects America to back it up once it starts the war.

So we’re supposed to sit back and let Israel decide when America is going to war? I don’t think so!

If it were up to me, if Israel attacks Iran without including us in the decision, they’re on their own.

Marc Perkel

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