Reckless bike riders make streets dangerous 

What makes bicycle riders in this city think that they are above the law? Every day, I see them either riding on sidewalks (even if there are bike lanes), running red lights, traveling the wrong way on one-way streets, ignoring stop signs and showing no regard for cars or pedestrians.

Yet they still find it necessary to further inconvenience San Franciscans with their “Critical Mass,” and it is ridiculous that the San Francisco Police Department helps them. The SFPD needs to start enforcing city laws by ticketing offenders and making it clear that reckless bike riders are subject to the same penalties as reckless drivers.

Scott Luckey, San Francisco

Dolores Park too crowded

We have too many people trashing our Dolores Park neighborhood now. People still urinate around the entire neighborhood, even with all the portable toilets at the park. The sound level from speakers, traffic and people is horrible. We also have a large amount of trash.

We are entitled to have a clean, quiet and peaceful neighborhood. Dolores Park has always had people coming, but never the amount that are coming here now. This is due to the Recreation and Park Department putting too many events here. This really should be stopped. There are many other parks in this city. Rec and Park should stop being so inconsiderate of residents living here.

C. Castillo, San Francisco

End Anthony coverage

The obsessions over the O.J. Simpson and the Michael Jackson trials was understandable. O.J. Simpson was a great football player and mediocre actor famous for commercials. Michael Jackson was a unique musician and showman who created great music. Both were national and international figures and celebrities.

The obsession over Casey Anthony is baffling to me. She seems like a selfish, lying little twit with no redeeming qualities. After three years of nonstop coverage, I was relieved that it was coming to an end. So much for wishful thinking. The media is still obsessing over what will become of her.

When can we get to the business of reporting on some things that are actually important?

Keith C. De Filippis, San Jose

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