Rec and Park strives to put 'people first’ 

Thank you so much for publishing the Wednesday story on The City’s park camp for children with autism. There is one fairly important correction I would appreciate if possible. We always do our best to say “children with autism,” as opposed to “autistic children.”

San Francisco Recreation and Park Department strives to use “people-first language” when talking about children with disabilities, including children with autism. It recognizes that the child is much more than the disability, and that the disability is only one part of the total person.

We feel somewhat responsible for the error because we neglected to clarify this with the reporter. Although we never said “autistic children” during the interview, that term was used several times in the story and it is included in the title.

Lucas Tobin, Recreation and Park Department, San Francisco

Phone questions biased

I was called for a telephone poll supporting Ed Lee’s pension reform. It was so biased it was laughable. “How influenced are you by the statement: ‘Only billionaires are in support of Adachi’s plan to put money in their pockets and take it away from the poor, working shlub.’ Are you highly influenced? Somewhat influenced? Not influenced?” Well … all the questions were something like that. What can the results of such a poll be used for besides more misinformation?

Carole Fleming, San Francisco

Lee won’t be a contender

I don’t know why people would get worked up by Ed Lee’s emergence as a mayoral candidate. He is going to be a weak candidate — 25 years as an administrator in San Francisco will get you an interim appointment from peers. But it should be the kiss of death for voters.

The fact that Lee has a well-trained constituency should not be much of a factor on any score because he has to compete for votes with most of the other candidates. To win, Lee is faced with the same problems the other candidates face. He is going to have to convince an increasing number of skeptics that he can move The City forward. It won’t mean much that he has the support of other political hacks with their own credibility problems.

Randy Stortroen, San Francisco

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