Rec and Park should finish what it started 

Your Thursday editorial criticizing the track record on city park projects paid for by bonds was a public service. I was part of the working group to craft the “model” Recreation and Park Department bond measure for 2008.

Unfortunately, many of the checks and balances for accountability we supported were not implemented.

November 2012 is not the time to rush into another park bond with so many current projects uncompleted, and with the department unable to figure out how to staff our newly refurbished facilities without privatizing them.

Let us take the time to prepare the next bond very carefully by postponing it to 2014, so we can actually get it right.

Nancy Wuerfel, San Francisco

Obama’s unusual restraint

President Barack Obama did something quite rare for recent American presidents by remaining disengaged during this “Arab spring.” The revolutionary legacy of the United States is not dead, as some would have it, but it has been buried many times over by less thrilling historical events. We cannot restore our reputation in the Arab world by smearing our fingerprints on every anti-dictator revolution over there.

I would reframe the storyline as follows: The president has shown unusual restraint in keeping out of the Libyan people’s affairs. With assistance from NATO, the Libya revolt looks set to prove the adage that sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.

Randy Stortroen, San Francisco

Protests a publicity stunt

Residents have to wonder why Anonymous has chosen San Francisco to make its stand claiming to support free speech and civil rights. It’s the same reason the homeless gravitate to our city of easy pickings. The demonstrators know that any disruption will get five minutes on Bay Area evening news and the national news simply because it’s San Francisco. Now add great restaurants, bars and a nightlife and that adds up to a great summertime road-trip.

Some BART board members wanted to set a policy to decide when cell service can be interrupted. That process is an invitation to trouble. Cellphones can have destructive effects on people and transportation. I don’t want to ride BART again until I know cell service can be cut immediately by a BART officer who even thinks there might be a threat. Anything less puts BART and its riders at needless risk.

R.E. O’Leary, San Francisco

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