Rec and Park president says keep McDonald’s ads off City Hall 

Rec and Park is negotiating a lease with United Skates of America to open a seasonal ice rink in front of City Hall, but it needs a sponsor to pay $350,000 to make it happen.

When Recreation and Park Commission President Mark Buell heard about that clause he said, “I just want to be sure we don’t have blatant advertising in our parks,” and noted that an extreme case would be McDonald’s golden arches illuminating City Hall.

However, park staff said once the lease comes to commissioners for a final approval, they could work out some agreement about the sponsor’s aesthetic presence on the rink.

If the 38-year-old company, which has 19 facilities across the country, cannot secure the funds in time, skaters will just have to wait until next year.

Park staff predicted over the next five years the 7,200-square-foot seasonal rink could earn them about $1 million.

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