Ratigan's shot at Palin: He'd better hope GE keeps its nose clean. 

Yesterday, MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan attacked Sarah Palin. The attack was not just silly, it was also a very stupid attack for Ratigan to make.

Palin, a commentator for the Fox News Channel, had criticized the Fox Network TV show Family Guy for airing an episode mocking her specifically as the parent of a Down Syndrome child and mocking others who suffer from the condition.


Her son has Down Syndrome and we understand why Palin would be angry at the network for a dig at her family. But then again, if Palin really wanted to make a statement, she would reject her paycheck from Fox and remove herself from the network, wouldn't she?

Family Guy's editorial independence is well known (at least one episode of Family Guy mocks the Fox News Channel quite mercilessly as a fascist propaganda arm), but that's almost beside the point. With this criticism, Ratigan has dug himself a much bigger hole. He happens to be a television host, and his network is to be 49 percent owned by General Electric, the world's largest corporate lobbyist of the U.S. government, which spent $25.5 million lobbying last year. The other 51 percent is to be owned by Comcast, which spent $12.5 million lobbying last year.

Will Ratigan ever disagree with anything his corporate masters lobby for on Capitol Hill? Will he give back his paycheck when that happens?

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