Rapping terrorist, stinks at singing but still recruiting 

Alabama-born al Qaeda terrorist Omar Hammami's rap songs released on the Internet Tuesday are a far cry from legends like Eminem or Jay-Z. Or for that matter, the kid I heard rapping in downtown Baltimore last weekend.

In fact, his attempts to pull off a Barry White deep vocal, while asking future terrorists to “make jihad with me” are cringe-inducing.

What he is, say terror experts, is a consummate recruiter in the west for Somalia’s al Qaeda terror wing, Al Shabaab. And those who thought he was killed in March, now have proof that he’s alive and rapping, and should be taken seriously.

Hammami, who has adopted the nom de guerre Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki,  left the U.S. in 2006, leaving behind his Southern Baptist upbringing and taking with him a hate for anything American.

Alix Levine, director of research at Cronus Global, a security consulting firm, told The Washington Examiner,  “Hammami, though young and American, doesn't have the charisma or the accessibility to pull off a rap song that others can identify with.”          

Levine, an expert in terrorist related issues, said  “Hammami continues rapping because he needs to be relevant by appealing to the Somali youth in America. Even though he does not get the hype that someone like al-Awlaki might get after releasing a video, Hammami merely needs to prove that he is still alive - disproving recent rumors - and that he is still fighting.”

Levine added Hammami’s efforts to remain relevant “will help him continue to succeed as a recruiter.”

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