Rangel's aide didn't pay his taxes, either 

From the New York Post:

James Capel, a former top aide to Rep. Charles Rangel, 'fessed up in Manhattan Criminal Court to being a tax cheat yesterday -- just like his embattled boss.

Capel, who earned nearly $160,000 running Rangel's New York office before leaving the job in February, pleaded guilty to one count of failure to file a tax return and two counts of tax fraud, all misdemeanor charges.

He must fork over $42,088 in New York state back taxes and penalties and foot an additional $1,000 fine. He'll stay out of jail only providing he's paid up by his sentencing date of July 12.

In taking his plea, Capel admitted to Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Abraham Clott that he failed to file tax returns for the years 2007, 2008 and 2009. The crimes are misdemeanors because Capel was paying some taxes automatically via payroll withholding.

But according to a law-enforcement source, Capel actually hadn't filed taxes on his congressional salary since 2003, but the statute of limitations prevents authorities from going after those alleged lapses

Okay, fine, some people simply fail to file tax returns. It happens. But most of those people don't work for the ranking member or chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. How can someone in that position claim ignorance of the law? Even Tim Geithner can at least say he wasn't actually working for the Treasury Department at the time he chea-- er, failed to pay his taxes.

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