Rangel rises to defend Weiner 

Not exactly the champion an embattled Congressman would want, but Rep. Charlie Rangel has offered this defense of his Democratic collegue from New York, Rep. Anthony Weiner.

The New York Observer reports:

“Not one person has given any reason for a resignation,” said Rangel. “The Constitution is abundantly clear” on describing appropriate conduct for Congress members.

“He wasn’t going with prostitutes. He wasn’t going out with little boys. He wasn’t going into men’s room with broad stances,” Rangel said. “I mean, All of those I understand; I’m 80 years old. But high-tech stuff like this, I can’t respond. But I know immoral sex when I hear it from other members, and no one has screamed for their resignation. So I don’t know why they’re selecting Anthony.”

Via Political Wire.


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