Raiders counting on Jennings to back up McFadden 

NAPA — The Raiders' Rashad Jennings takes every precaution he can to keep his body in top shape necessary for an NFL running back.

He eats a gluten-free diet and sticks to organic foods. He stretches every night and has a regular routine of pilates, acupuncture, yoga and massage.

And when Jennings' long days of training camp are over instead of settling into a soft bed, he climbs into a hyperbaric oxygen chamber to sleep.

Jennings bought the oxygen chamber as a rookie instead of splurging for a car, thinking it would help keep him fresh and prolong his career.

He admits it "freaks" some people out at first and the loud noise forced him into a single room in what he calls the "dungeon" of the team hotel in training camp.

But Jennings is working on getting some converts, saying he has at least six teammates waiting to try out the chamber next week to see how they like it.

"It's not an end all be all," Jennings said. "It's not like this is the biggest healer in the world type of thing, but it does heal you on a certain level. It speeds up the process. I love to practice and I love to stay on the field. It keeps you healthy. Playing this game is important to me. The way I eat and take care of my body is pretty important."

The Raiders are counting on a healthy Jennings this season as the backup to Darren McFadden, who has never made it through an NFL season without an injury.

Playing the role of a backup to a big-play back is something Jennings has plenty experience doing, having served in that role behind Maurice Jones-Drew in Jacksonville to start his career.

"I tell people all the time there aren't any backups in this league," Jennings said. "The backups are at home. You got to prepare as the starter, you are the starter.

"It's too late to prepare when the opportunity presents itself. I'm a piece of a puzzle. When I'm called upon I have to make sure I'm making my statement."

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