Rabbit rescuer hops to zoo for Big Bunny Spring Fling 

Marcy Schaaf, the founder and executive director of SaveABunny, a rabbit-rescue organization based in Mill Valley, will be at the San Francisco Zoo on Wednesday for the Big Bunny Spring Fling event.

Tell me about your rabbit-rescue organization. The main thing I’m always trying to get across to people is we do the same thing as dog- and cat-rescue groups do. According to the ASPCA, bunnies are the third-most euthanized species in the country after cats and dogs.

How are bunnies as pets? People don’t usually realize that bunnies are easily as intelligent as cats and dogs. They learn their names, they play with toys, they can be taught to do tricks. When they’re spayed and neutered, they can use a litter box just like a cat.

I didn’t realize they were that intelligent. Yes. One of the issues we’re concerned about is there’s a big push within the green community to make rabbit meat popular, and it’s very disappointing. Rabbits made for meat are the exact same breed as pet bunnies. We want people to know that and to make an educated choice. If they would not eat dog or cat, they shouldn’t eat rabbit.

What are you going to do at the zoo for the Big Bunny Spring Fling? A lot of what we do at these outreach events is educate people.

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