Queen of Washington social set: Fire WH social secretary Desiree Rogers 

If you've ever read venerable Washington Post fixture Sally Quinn, you know she's a bit confounding. Her writings on religion and other topics are often out of her depth.

However, if there's anything that Mrs. Ben Bradlee and the doyenne of D.C. social set knows better than anyone else, it's how to throw a party in Washington. So when Quinn says that the head of the Secret Service and White House social secretary Desiree Rogers should be fired for their failure to prevent three White House party crashers at the state dinner in November, for once I would invest her with a great deal of credibility. Note that Quinn singles Rogers out for being an incompetant publicity hound -- something that seemed obvious to me even prior to the party crashers scandal.
Also of note: Quinn is upset that the Obama White House sacrificed White House counsel Greg Craig over not closing Guantanamo -- but won't fire Rogers or the Secret Service director Mark Sullivan. Many Washington insiders really seem to resent the well-liked Craig's firing, and this is further evidence of that.

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