Put Pakistan on short leash,and don’t spare the SEALs 

Osama bin Laden, the world’s most wanted man is dead, killed by United States Navy SEALs in a daring raid Sunday. Our intelligence community, which has been working day and night since 9/11 to find bin Laden, apparently scored on this one, and the SEALs took down bin Laden with one or two bullets to his brain.

Every American should give thanks to the brave men who assaulted the compound in Abbotabad, Pakistan, killed bin Laden and extracted successfully, taking with them bin Laden’s body without incurring any U.S. casualties.

There are many SEAL units capable of this action. But one whose members are known throughout the SEAL community by a unique color-coded name are probably responsible. Our heartfelt thanks and a huge “hooah” go to those members of the special unit known as “the Jedi.”

Is the war then-President George W. Bush called the “global war on terrorism” over?  No.  The death of bin Laden will be just another excuse for the radical Islamists to continue their war against us. The Palestinian terror group, Hamas, has already condemned the U.S. action as an assassination of an “Arab holy warrior.”  To which we should answer, “Yes, and we’re not done yet.”

Bin Laden’s refuge in Pakistan was reportedly built in 2005. The mansion complex — eight times larger than the other homes in the Abbotabad area — may have been a safe haven for him for an extended period since.

We have allowed Pakistan to play a double game since 9/11. The Zardari government is very weak and cannot control the ISI intelligence agency or the terrorist groups it harbors.

We should, today, tell Pakistan their game is over and demand that they surrender any and all of their people who aided and abetted bin Laden, al-Qaida and the Taliban.  If they refuse, Pakistan should be a nation whose borders we ignore in pursuit of any and all terrorists that we deem a danger to our nation.

And while we undertake the actions toward Pakistan, American diplomats should be renewing and strengthening our alliance with India, a nation which has suffered greatly from Pakistan-based terrorism. Whatever mistakes we have made in the past by allowing Pakistan too much flexibility should be reversed by promises of direct cooperation with India’s anti-terrorist efforts.

Jed Babbin was appointed deputy undersecretary of defense by President George H.W. Bush. He is the author of “Inside the Asylum” and “In the Words of Our Enemies.”

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