PureSleep helps make sack time silent 

Noel Lindsay, the CEO and founder of San Francisco-based Sleep Science Partners, helped create PureSleep to combat excessive snoring and the health issues associated with the night nuisance. The mouthpiece product, which can be seen on TV infomercials for around $60, is approved by the federal government.

You seem to have a real personal history behind the product.
I got married and I was getting kicked out of bed because my wife kept telling me I snored too much. I took a number of different steps to see if anything could be done. Most importantly, I discovered there are these things called mandibular repositioning devices. And that led me to realize that these things ought to be made more available.

How have people reacted to your product? We sure get a lot of letters from a lot of our customers telling us they’re thrilled with the results. And I’m not just saying that. It’s really true.

Did you see the recent study that indicates snoring causes marital problems? It’s proven something that a lot of people already knew. If your spouse didn’t get enough sleep, it’s likely that she’ll be a bit crankier. But that’s where we come into play.

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