Public-sector union holds townhall to complain about Memphis’ privatization efforts, taxpayers show up screaming “Privatize it!” 

Sanitation workers in Memphis recently held a townhall event to try and stir up support to fight the city’s attempt to privatize sanitation services. They didn’t quite get what they bargained for:

Tuesday’s meeting quickly turned into a chance for the public to complain about garbage pickups in their neighborhoods. A man who lives on Mosby Road said trash has sat on curbs more than 30 days, killing grass while calls to city supervisors went unheeded.

When [union vice president Rodriquez] Lobbins tried to explain that the city’s Public Works Division assigns workloads and pickup schedules, the angry man who refused to identify himself stormed out of the meeting shouting, “Privatize it. Privatize it.”

The next speaker, Samantha Rajapakse said, “I somewhat concur with that gentleman … I pay your salaries, bottom line, and if you have a problem I don’t want to hear it … So I say privatize it.”

One more sign, the public is getting wise to the racket that government unions are running. There’s a lot more about what’s going on in Memphis if you follow the link over to the Reason Foundation’s blog.

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