Public Defender Jeff Adachi drops off pension ‘compromise’ at City Hall 

Public Defender Jeff Adachi turned out on the steps of City Hall on Wednesday to announce his “compromise” over dueling pension measures.

He said the compromise would be enough to get him to drop his effort and that it will more adequately addresses the skyrocketing pension costs and addresses concerns of The City’s largest labor union, Employees International Union Local 1021, which has yet to officially support Mayor Ed Lee’s pension measure.

Adachi has structured a middle ground between pension rates in his proposal and those in Lee’s proposal, which is currently before the Board of Supervisors. Adachi has said Lee’s measure, which was drafted with the support of police and fire labor unions, doesn’t go far enough.

Adachi’s proposal, which he is gathering signatures to place on the ballot, would generate $107 million in savings in fiscal year 2012-13, while his compromise would generate $97 million. The mayor's propsal would save $58 million

“If you look at the compromise, what it shows is for lower paid employees they actually would pay less under the compromise, which is what the SEIU is primarily concerned with. So it addresses their concern while at the same time requires employees who make more, pay more,” he said.

Adachi dropped off the compromise to the members of the board and the Mayor’s Office on Wednesday.

“I’m hoping that they will see the light and support this proposal,” Adachi said.

Adachi pension compromise
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