Promises aside, Lee is still best for the job 

A Monday letter-writer advanced a common argument against interim Mayor Ed Lee’s possible run for mayor. The argument goes that because he said he wouldn’t run, if he changes his mind it disqualifies him from support for this election. To a point, I understand the argument.

Let’s frame it like this, though. If you believed Lee is doing a really fine job — and I think polls would confirm that many have this opinion — would you support another candidate that you think wouldn’t be as effective, solely because Lee has changed his mind about running for mayor?

Does Lee’s pledge not to run trump good governance for San Francisco if you truly believe he is the best one to provide it?

John J. Dillon, San Bruno

Betrayed by N-Judah

Along with more than 100 people, I got booted off an inbound N-Judah train at Duboce and Church. We were all left stranded. I had already waited more than 20 minutes for the inbound N-Judah on Irving Street and Seventh Avenue while watching several outbound trains go by. I missed my connection downtown and had to wait another 20 minutes for it.

I know the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has a new director. Is he going to fix this ongoing mess? We’re all sick to death of dealing with the N-Judah line.

Everyone who rides this line knows it has been drastically cut. Why are there five empty outbound L-Taraval trains for every outbound N-Judah train on weekday mornings? How are people supposed to get to work at UCSF Medical Center?

Paula Zimmermann, San Francisco

Ignoring the body count

For most of this year, there has been very little in the newspapers or on the TV news about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. During the years Bush was president, we heard about these wars every day. I did some Internet research and found that U.S. casualties in Iraq have gone down significantly since Barack Obama became president, but have tripled in Afghanistan under his watch — from 370 soldiers’ deaths during Bush’s last three years to 1,050 soldiers’ deaths during Obama’s first three years. Why is the war information so much less in the news? Why are the peace activists so quiet now?

Marge Parkhurst, Redwood City

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