Price of San Francisco Muni passes, taxis and parking to rise 

No matter how San Franciscans travel — by bus, car or taxi — they can expect to get dinged with extra transportation costs in the next few months.

Starting July 1, Muni will impose several preapproved fare increases that will affect the transit-riding public. The monthly pass fares (including BART service within The City) will be hiked from $70 to $72, a hike based on annual inflation rates. Similarly, the $60 monthly pass (which doesn’t include BART service) will go up to $62. The cost of riding the cable car increases from $5 to $6.

Monthly Muni passes for disabled, youth and senior passengers will go up by $1, as will the monthly Lifeline passes, which are available for low-income residents.

Transit riders won’t be the only ones feeling the pinch on July 1. Residential parking permit fees are rising from $98 to $100. Since August 2008, the yearly parking permits have increased by 67 percent — from $60 to $100.

Citations also will be going up for transit and traffic scofflaws. The fine for motorists misusing a disabled parking placard will increase from $827 to $935, and transit riders who try to ride the Muni system without a fare will be hit with a $100 ticket — $25 more than the current amount.

Taxi riders will not be granted a reprieve either. Starting on Aug. 1, meter rates on taxis will increase by 50 cents a mile and 10 cents for time spent stuck in traffic. The starting rate for cabs also is set to go up 40 cents, from $3.10 to $3.50.

With the changes, a three-mile cab trip with three minutes of wait time will increase from $11.20 to $13.40, a 20 percent hike. The new meter rates will make San Francisco one of the costliest cities in the country to grab a cab.

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which manages traffic and transit issues in The City, approved the fare and fine increases in 2010 in an effort to bridge a two-year, $101 million budget deficit. The increases to taxi meters rates were approved last month.


Summer price hikes

City commuters will be paying more come July for Muni, parking and cabs.

Transit fares

  • Muni monthly pass with BART: now $70; July 1 $72
  • Muni monthly pass without BART: now: $60; July 1 $62
  • Disabled, youth and senior pass: now $20; July 1 $21
  • Disabled, youth and senior pass with BART: now $25; July 1 $26
  • Lifeline pass: now $30; July 1 $31
  • Single-ride cable car: now $5; July 1 $6


Traffic fines and fees

  • Residential parking permits: now $98; July 1 $100
  • Illegal use of disabled parking placard: now $827; July 1 $935
  • Boot removal fee: now $272; July 1 $280
  • Improperly registered/altered license plates: now $55; July 1 $114


Taxi meter rate increases

  • Flag drop*: now $3.10;  Aug. 1 $3.50
  • Mileage rate: now$2.25 per mile; Aug. 1 $2.75 per mile
  • Waiting rate per minute: now 45 cents; Aug. 1 55 cents

 *Starting meter rate for taxi service

Source: SFMTA

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