Prediction: Liberal Mainstream Media goes wild over CBS poll, ignores Perry leading Obama by three in North Carolina 

It's purely coincidental, I am sure, that only a few days after President Obama makes the absurd claim that 80 percent of Americans support increased taxes to help solve the debt ceiling crisis, CBS News releases a new survey that finds only 21 percent of those surveyed support Republican resistance to hiking federal levies on their wallets.

As surely as the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening, you can watch this week as the liberal mainstream media and the Left side of the Blogosphere endlessly cite the CBS survey as proof that Obama was right, the vast majority of Americans really do think they are undertaxed and want to give Washington even more of their hard-earned money so the professional politicians and bureaucrats can spend it on outrageous stuff like this.

Few if any of these media Homers for Big Government will disclose the seriously flawed demographics of the CBS poll, as described by Da TechGuy at The Conservatory:

"You know it’s easy to make the President look better than the GOP in a poll that has only 24% Republicans among the respondents—and in which Democrats outnumber Republicans by almost 50% in the sample.

"It would also be interesting to see if the 'independents' leaned one way or another (after all, manipulating the 'independents' by oversampling left/liberal leaners is the oldest trick in the book).

"The purpose of this poll is not to inform; it is to spin."

Obama made his 80 percent comment on July 15, the first day of the CBS interviews, which continued on the 16th and 17th.

Meanwhile, you can bet your sweet bippy that the liberal mainstream media will either totally ignore or seek to minimize the Civitas Institute survey that found Obama trailing Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who isn't an announced presidential candidate, by three points in North Carolina.

As Ed Morrissey at Hot Air points out, it was an important harbinger in 2008 when Obama carried North Carolina, and this new Civitas Institute survey could prove to be just as much of a harbinger for 2012. For additional reasons why this is so, see my Sunday column on why 2012 may be an "Anybody But Obama" election.

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