Praise for Gap ad honoring gay lifestyle 

As a gay resident of San Francisco for nearly 40 years you can imagine how supremely delighted I was to glance up while waiting for a Muni bus and see an unmistakably, wonderfully gay Gap advertisement on the side of the bus! Were my eyes deceiving me? There they were, two cute gay young men tucked inside a Gap T-shirt, with the caption, ‘Be One.’

No doubt of it, folks — a gay advertisement by a leading clothing company, and, as far as I know, the very first such openly gay ad by such a popular retailer to appear in this or any other city. And yes, just in time for our annual diversity celebration. Bravo, Gap!

It’s taken a major company years, decades, to realize the huge gay market here in San Francisco, but better late than never. Let’s just hope other companies catch on and stop all the infernal pussyfooting when it comes to acknowledging, celebrating and catering to the gay community.

And just guess where am I going to buy my next pair of jeans?

David Robbins
San Francisco

Mitt’s idea is out of touch

In a CBS interview, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney proposed privatizing unemployment insurance. He thinks it would be a “much better system to have folks have a personal account” that builds up over time to save for unemployment, “perhaps being matched by government.”

That’s great when you make millions a year and can save for retirement, unemployment second homes, etc. But most people on unemployment were probably barely able to pay their bills on their former wages much less save 99 weeks, the maximum benefit period, of expenses.

This guy really does not understand most people’s lives.

David Fix
San Francisco

Privately fund Golden Gate Bridge barrier

John Bateson, author of “The Final Leap,” exemplifies the typical lack of logical thinking about the Golden Gate Bridge and suicide barriers (“GG Bridge needs a suicide barrier to end dark legacy,” Editorial, May 31). What do an improbable “three deaths a month on the cable car system” have to do with suicides on the bridge? I do not get the comparison.

If Mr. Bateson and others, including your newspaper, are so concerned with suicides on the bridge, they should stop expecting others to fund their obsession and come up with the $50 million among themselves. 

William Hall
San Francisco

Trains also a suicide draw

Unfortunately, the Golden Gate Bridge is not the only suicide area of the Bay Area. Very often, we hear about individuals committing suicide in front of trains. Two weeks ago, in France, 12 people committed suicide by throwing themselves in front of high-speed trains. 

So are we going to have a new venue for unbalanced individuals once the high-speed rail trains are running in California? Maybe that is the best deterrent to halt any high-speed train projects.

Simone Joseph
San Francisco

Walk, but with same pay

I agree with Local 1021 (“Museum workers deserve fair pay,” Opinion,  June 1) that Supervisor Eric Mar should try walking in the shoes of the workers at the Legion of Honor where workers have suffered for years under wage freezes and other cutbacks. But in this case, Mar’s wages should be cut back to what the museum workers are paid.

Perhaps if our Board of Supervisors worked only part of the year like is done in many larger cities, there would not be so many laws, ordinances, legislative bills, taxes and fees, that reduce the cash flow of The City.

Frank Norton
San Francisco

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