PPP: As an independent, Crist still loses to Rubio, takes more Dem than GOP votes 

From Public Policy Polling, more bad news for Florida Gov. Charlie Crist, R, and his bid for Senate:

An independent Charlie Crist bid for the US Senate would work to Marco Rubio's advantage, because Crist would win more Democratic votes than Republican ones. In a hypothetical three way contest Rubio leads with 34% to 27% for Crist and 25% for Kendrick Meek.

Crist gets 32% of the Democratic vote but only 18% of Republicans running as an independent. He also leads among independents with 35% to 24% for Rubio and 22% for [Meek].

At least it's sorta close. Meanwhile...

...In the most unlikely scenario- a full fledged Crist move to the Democratic Party- he trails Rubio 43-34. Although Crist does lead with independents he would take very few (13%) Republican voters with him across party lines and would be viewed with skepticism by a lot of Democrats, getting only 54% of their vote.

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