Pot ads avoid burning questions 

The first radio ad from pro-pot legalization advocates is out and you have to wonder what some of them were smoking.

The spots, which are airing in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, contend that the fight aganst marijuana has led to "violent drug cartels'' and to an increase in dealers on our streets.

That seems kind of odd considering how many legal cannabis clubs there are in California. And I thought the main point in legalizing marijuana was to grab tax money from this very lucrative exercise to help our ailing state.

The California Police Chiefs Association has already condemned the ad as false and misleading. It probably doesn't help that the ad maintains police officers support the November measure to legalize marijuana, even though the person identified in the ad only made it to the level of "reserve'' sheriff's deputy.

If pot advocates are willing to hand over their cash to the federal government, that's one thing. But to say that the current system gives rise to drug cartels is quite another. Really, the opinion polls suggest they don't need to overthink this one.

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