Polling low in Michigan, maybe Obama needs to bail out another auto company? 

Michigan! After all President Obama has done for you, you come back and say, "Meh"?! What does he have to do to make you people happy? Carpetbomb Alabama's auto plants?!

President Barack Obama’s approval ratings among Michigan residents have dropped to their lowest point since his election, according a State of the State Survey conducted between late October and December 2010.

About 32 percent of residents polled rated his performance as “excellent” or “good,” according to the survey.

“When he first came to office, his ratings were sky high,” said Charles Ballard, survey director and MSU economics professor. “In fact, I think there was such a euphoria upon his taking office it was unlikely for those ratings to stay the same.”

Just to clarify, the president is not permitted under the Constitution to carpetbomb any industry in the United States. Unless you're Lincoln and it's the Civil War.

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