Poll: Who's the 'Party of No' now? 

From Rasmussen:

47% Say GOP Has Plan for Future, 41% Say Same of Democrats

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 47% of Likely U.S. Voters think the Republican Party has a plan for where it wants to take the nation. That’s a 12-point increase from a year ago when just 35% believed that to be true. Thirty-three percent (33%) say the GOP does not have such a plan....

Voters are more narrowly divided now when asked about the Democratic Party: 41% say it has a plan for the future, but 38% say it does not. Twenty-one percent (21%) are undecided. Last February, 44% thought President Obama’s party had a plan for the future, and only 31% disagreed....

What is striking here is not the small lead Republicans hold in this category, but the year-over-year change. We've been hearing this "party of no" meme for so long, and I always wondered whether it would stick. It hasn't. And here's why: In Washington, most Republicans are trying to cut the federal budget. Most Democrats are trying to add money back in. In the states, Republicans are trying to bring state employee compensation under control. Democrats are siding with the unions in resisting long-term reforms, trying to preserve a free lunch for one of their most important constituencies from a campaign finance perspective.

Wherever you look, there is the side of the status quo, and the side of change. And Democrats are fighting for the status quo that allows their party to exist in its current form. If they lose this battle, they won't disappear -- they will just have to change and especially become less dependent on a dying organized labor movement. But such change is never easy, so it's not surprising to see the level of resistance.

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