Poll: If not given the option, Americans won’t support repeal 

The Democrats and their political allies seem to have found a way to try to circumvent the fact that Americans plainly want, by overwhelming numbers, Obamacare to be repealed: They simply don’t ask Americans the question. The Hill writes, “A plurality of Americans said they would prefer Republicans to leave the new healthcare law alone and not repeal any parts of it, a new poll found Tuesday.”

But the poll, conducted by Vanity Fair and “60 Minutes,” did nothing of the sort.  Rather, it showed that, when denied the option of repealing the law in its entirety, a plurality favored leaving the law alone to repealing any one, particular, isolated piece of it.  (Or, to be more exact, a plurality favored keeping the whole law intact rather than repealing any one of the four other single pieces that the poll offered up in sacrifice, three of which were plainly popular provisions that weren’t going to be picked, and the other of which came reasonably close to winning the poll all by itself.)

To give a sense of the seriousness of this poll, which didn’t screen for registered or likely voters, here’s another of its 11 questions:  “When you hear the name Robert M. Gates, WHAT PROFESSION COMES TO MIND [caps in original]?”  (“Computer pioneer” easily beat out “Cabinet member” and “Don’t know.”)  Here’s another:  “The rich and famous take out insurance policies on more than just their fast cars and fancy jewelry.  Of the following items, on which there are real insurance policies, which one DO YOU THINK IT MAKES THE MOST SENSE TO INSURE? [caps in original]?”  (“A rock star’s voice” routed, among other things, “A perfumer’s nose” and “A pop star’s backside”— although it was edged out by “Don’t know.”)

In truth, the poll provided no support for the claim that American don’t want repeal.  But it did further demonstrate something that’s been clear all along:  If Republicans try to repeal Obamacare piecemeal, they will fail miserably.  Full repeal is what Americans want, and full repeal is what the GOP needs to offer—both for its own self-interest, and for the sake of our country.

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