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Most political secrets are eventually revealed. Unfortunately it often happens years after the events actually happened. One example was an extra-marital affair in which 1940 Republican presidential nominee, Wendell Wilkie, was engaged in. Few knew about this affair until about 40 years later when secret recordings were made available of President Franklin D. Roosevelt chuckling over this situation with cronies in the White House. Oh, and those FDR White House recordings, another political secret, were themselves not revealed until decades after they were made. Unfortunately your humble correspondent doesn't have the patience (or maybe even the lifespan) to wait for those revelations. I want to find out about those many secrets before I depart this world. Call it part historical curiosity and the rest just flat out interest in juicy gossip but I have a list of political secrets that I need to see revealed. Here is a partial list of political secret revelations that I hope can become available before bucket-kicking time:

Al Gore meeting with George W. Bush following the 2000 election concession

Remember when President-Elect George W. Bush met with Al Gore following the latter's concession speech after weeks of prolonging the election outcome in December 2000? What was notable about that meeting was how amazingly short it was...approximately 10 minutes. Both Bush and Gore have remained closed mouthed about what was said at the meeting. Why was it so short? Why did Bush appear perturbed following the meeting? My guess is that Gore must have acted like a jerk which irritated Bush and caused him to leave early. Did Gore demand to become a sort of co-president? Or perhaps he harangued Bush with an annoying lecture. So far no more information about that meeting has leaked. Perhaps someday (soon, I hope) one or both parties at the meeting will reveal what happened.

LBJ's RFK impression

I've read several accounts about President Lyndon B. Johnson's dead-on impersonations of various fellow politicians. One of his best impressions was that of Robert F. Kennedy. People have described it as absolutely perfect. If this description is true, then it is truly an amazing impression since few people could sound more differently than the drawling Texan and his Cape Cod raised Attorney General. Are there no recordings of Johnson doing his RFK impression on one of the many telephone recordings of him in the archives? If the researchers can find such a tape, please post to the Web so I can judge for myself how good of impressionist Johnson was.

Senator Mel Martinez Resignation

I am still curious as to why Martinez REALLY resigned from the Senate last year, especially since he was my senator. The reasons he gave for his resignation were extremely vague which makes me even more curious. I mean, come on, he only had a little over a year left in his term so why couldn't he have just waited? Perhaps someday we will find out the REAL reason for his resignation but for now I am not buying his non-explanation. Sorry, Mel.

John Edwards Sex Tape

Let's see... You want to become President of the United States more than anything. So why would you jeopardize your chances by recording a sex tape with your space cadet mistress in the middle of campaigning for that office? If the court can ever find John Edwards hiding out in his exclusive North Carolina community to subpoena him to appear as a witness in the Andrew Young sex tape case, I hope one of the first questions to him would be about why he put his presidential chances at such an idiotic risk.

President Sukarno Sex Tape

Back in the 1960's, the KGB attempted to blackmail President Ahmed Sukarno of Indonesia. They filmed him with two hidden cameras having a big sex orgy with a number of Russian women in his Moscow hotel suite while visiting the Soviet capital. Later KGB agents showed the movie to Sukarno at a private screening. To their great astonishment, instead of becoming fearful, Sukarno was absolutely delighted with what he thought was a gift and asked for copies to be shown to the public in Indonesian movie theaters. The blackmail backfired but I am sure copies of that film are still in Russian archives. I had thought that one of the benefits of the fall of the Evil Empire would be that movie would become available to the public. So two words for the Russian secret file archivists: Pirate Bay. And, hey, Sukarno already gave us the go ahead to see that film.

Havana Hotel Sex Tapes

High-ranking Cuban intelligence defector Delphin Fernandez has revealed that it was his job to bug the Havana hotel rooms of visiting celebrities with cameras and listening devices to blackmail them into later singing the praises of the Castro regime. However, Mrs. Dan Rather need not worry. Her hubby's only true love while visiting Cuba was limited to El Comandante himself as the photos of them together reveal the look of amor on Dan's face. Oh, and to future defectors from Cuban intelligence, please remember before leaving the island that uploads to the Web are now available at internet cafes in Havana. And keep in mind this URL: PirateBay.Org.

Obama's Ghost Writer

So who was the Barack Obama's ghost writer for his book, "Dreams From My Father?" Was it Bill Ayers? Actually I have a pretty good idea who the ghost writer was but wanted to end with this political "secret" just so you won't think I am completely obsessed with sex tapes which can be anonymously uploaded to Pirate Bay. That's PirateBay.Org.

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