Police need not live in service area to serve 

Will BART police officers do a better job if they live in a town with a BART station, as was argued in your Monday cover story? This is a ridiculous premise for a news story.

Even more amazing to me is how the local media publicized the criminals who hacked a website and released private BART police personnel data.

Police officers nationwide need their personal information kept private so criminals cannot easily target them and their families for reprisal. And officers have a very good reason for not living in their service district. Thugs could recognize them at Safeway and follow them home to avenge a perceived complaint.

These BART protesters act as if they believe the officers involved are happy they killed someone. So they endanger themselves and others and compound the security issue with their actions.

Gus Sinks
San Bruno

SF: Love it or leave it

In response to the Monday letter, “Call for neighbors to fight park-concert noise,” I can’t help wondering why these people even bother living in a bustling city — especially one like San Francisco that prides itself for having so many activities to entertain residents and bring in revenue.

I live at Lincoln and Arguello, and even from there I could hear the Outside Lands Festival in Golden Gate Park. I look forward to the upcoming Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. When I lived in Hayes Valley, I had to deal with Bay to Breakers and the spillover from Gay Pride.

But can we really complain? Isn’t accepting, or at least tolerating, festivities part of living in San Francisco? For those who can’t tolerate it, perhaps Marin or one of the smaller towns around the Bay would make a better fit for their lifestyle.

Todd Kuehnau
San Francisco

Weapons are more deadly

As a Canadian with U.S. relatives in the Bay Area, I can remember the good old days when someone shot for wearing the wrong T-shirt only got a single bullet in the stomach instead of two to four bullets.

Gun companies have introduced a multiplier into human male aggression. Essentially paramilitary weapons are being sold to civilians.

California happens to be one of the saner of the southwestern states. The shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in Tucson, Ariz., showed what a threat to democracy these dastardly weapons pose. Who else has to be shot to death before there’s a stop?

Ron Charach, M.D.

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