Police commissioner not exactly thrilled with dispensary numbers 

While police Chief George Gascón was able to pull one of his commanders to compile information regarding medical marijuana dispensaries Wednesday night, the commissioner who demanded it, Petra DeJesus, wasn’t exactly thrilled by the effort.

DeJesus thanked the department for providing information, but she criticized the numbers because they included every crime that occurs in the vicinity of a dispensary and not just specific crimes attached to the dispensary. A fair point considering the only homicide connected to a dispensary customer happened back in 2008.

Then DeJesus told commissioners she wanted the Police Department to “stop waging a war against these dispensaries.” She also criticized the way police refer to the green plant in question.

“It was called dope,” she said, referring to a previous commission meeting. “It was called weed. It was called marijuana. You know, we need to come into the 21st century. This is medical cannabis.”

When Thomas Mazzucco, who was put into the president’s chair after some poorly timed reappointments, tried to steer DeJesus away from the conversation, even he got an earful. He said that the debate should probably be reserved for the Planning Commission next week.

“Again, it’s a hearing we shouldn’t be having,” Mazzucco said.

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