Pier 39 event lets you get close to thousands of tulips 

Denise Dirickson, the Pier 39 director of environmental services, will be hosting public tours during Tulipmania through Sunday at Pier 39.

What is Tulipmania? It’s an annual event at Pier 39 with free guided tours. We plant 39,000 bulbs from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Most of them are tulips but there are also others such as Narcissus. We plant early-, mid- and late-bloomers together so we’ll be guaranteed some will be in bloom for the event.

Who can go on the tours? Anyone. They are free. Turn up at 10 a.m. at the Pier 39 entrance plaza. We divide into groups and our expert gardeners will talk about everything you’d want to know about tulips and then some. It takes approximately 30 minutes and it ends with complimentary coffee, cookies and a chat at the Fog Harbor Fish House restaurant.

Where are the tulips planted? In wine barrels from Napa. There are 100 tulips in each. In the west waterfront park, we only plant red and yellow tulips, as they are very traditional colors for tulips. It is very striking. The flowers create a beautiful backdrop for people walking by.

Why should people go to Tulipmania? It’s a really different experience. Every year, the result varies, depending majorly on the temperature. It’s definitely worth seeing every year.

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