PG&E spokeswoman offers ways to save money while not freezing 

With this winter expected to be colder than last year, Christine Cordner, PG&E’s spokeswoman for rates, offers some tips for Bay Area residents on saving energy while still staying warm.

What can PG&E gas customers expect for their winter bills? PG&E’s gas rate is going to be the same in January compared to last January, but the average residential bill is expected to be slightly higher because of increased usage driven by normal cold temperatures. Last January, we saw abnormally warmer weather across our service territory.

What are some quick things people can do around the house to save gas? Lowering your thermostat just one degree in the 60- to 70-degree Fahrenheit range can save you up to 5 percent on your heating bills. People can also wrap their older water heaters with insulation and save up to $30 a year. We recommend people check out for more tips.

What incentives does PG&E offer to encourage customers to conserve? We just announced our 2011 Winter Gas Savings Program where our customers can earn up to a 20 percent credit on their spring gas bills if they use less gas in January and February than what they used for those months the year before. We see it as a win-win, customers lower their gas bills by using less and again by earning the bill credit.

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