People living out of vehicles aren’t slobs 

I would like to take issue with the accusation that mobile dwellers are responsible for leaving trash in whatever neighborhood they park in.

This is simply not true. I have been a mobile dweller for five years. I and all the other mobile dwellers I know strive to maintain as low a profile as possible. This is common sense. Creating big piles of garbage in whatever neighborhood one parks in is not part of maintaining a low profile.

From what I’ve seen in Dogpatch and the produce district, for example, most piles of trash are dumped by “flytippers.” People from other neighborhoods who show up at 3 or 4 in the morning and unload their minivans of old furniture, half-full cans of paint, used motor oil, appliances, bags of old clothes and what have you.

I live as a mobile dweller because I plain cannot afford the rent in San Francisco. It’s as simple as that.

Please do not make things more difficult by painting the mobile dweller community as verminous filth spreaders.

Pete Moss, San Francisco

Praise for Caltrain partner

I’m a longtime Caltrain weekday commuter from Santa Clara to San Francisco and want to express how critical it is to have Warm Planet Bikes as a partner with Caltrain for its biking customers.

When I used to commute with my bike, I was constantly being bumped from the train. When I did not take my bike on Caltrain, this would cause me to be late.

Were it not for Warm Planet Bikes’ parking, and more importantly, repair and retail options, I would not use my bike in my commute and would therefore not use Caltrain.

Michele Dazine, Santa Clara

Distracted Mar must go

In response to Melissa Griffin’s Jan. 26 column, “Mar dancing to different drummer,” I hope it is now becoming evident to Richmond district voters that Supervisor Eric Mar has become a laughingstock at City Hall.

Rather than focusing on serious city problems, what does Supervisor Mar spend his time on? Banning toys at McDonald’s, passing foreign policy resolutions and now introducing a resolution attempting to impact the outcome of the Grammy Awards.

I hope this November, Richmond district residents have the good sense to vote Supervisor Mar out of office. Otherwise, they will have nobody to blame but themselves for the dysfunctional theater of the absurd at City Hall.

E.F. Sullivan, San Francisco

Brown’s tax plan is flawed

Where have we ever seen income or sales tax increases reduce government spending or provide a reduction in the budget deficit? Everyone knows their monetary problems could be solved with higher wages; greater pension funds; larger welfare checks, lower food, clothing and housing costs; and less income and sales taxes.

However, the governor says that if voters reject those tax increases, he will have to cut three weeks of school. This demonstrates that school, police and fire services are less important than the number of high-paying government jobs.

This looks like a deal breaker, and the tax increase scheme on the few is dead on arrival.

Frank Norton, San Francisco

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