Pensions too high even before double-dipping 

Your Friday cover story about double-dipping government employees stated that some of them have pensions of $4,000, $6,000, $8,000 and even $11,000 per month. While others are upset by people collecting pension payments while still working for the government, I’m scandalized by the amount of the monthly pension

I checked Social Security’s website and found that if I retire at 62 I will get a monthly payment of $1,778. If I wait until I’m 70 years old, I’ll get all of $3,190. But that assumes that Social Security is still around in a dozen years and “means testing” hasn’t been imposed to reduce my take.

I’ve been paying 6 percent of my salary for 40 years into Social Security, and this is what I have to look forward to? Meanwhile, city employees, many of whom haven’t contributed at all to their pensions, work until they’re 50 or 55 and collect $132,000 a year in pensions.

I want mine.

Cary Fulbright
San Francisco

Keep my fingers walking

I’m not a big fan of Ma Bell, but I rely a lot on the Yellow Pages to find what I need. It contains a wealth of useful information on a wide variety of subjects, and it is free. I’m sure thousands of people are employed in the production and distribution of these books.

It offers a great way for customers to find goods and services without their every move being tracked.

I think Supervisor David Chiu needs to worry more about his district and leave our Yellow Pages alone.

Tim Donnelly
San Francisco

Train will go somewhere

When Interstate 5 was being built from Tracy to Santa Nella it was not known as the “Highway to Nowhere” any more than the first link of California’s high-speed rail line from Madera to Bakersfield deserves to be called the “Train to Nowhere.”

Projects such as the interstate highway system and the high-speed rail line have to start somewhere, and they usually start where it is easiest to build.

No one expects the rail line to end in Madera or Bakersfield, but eventually to reach its metropolitan destinations.

Charles Vercelli
San Francisco

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