Pelosi: 'Some people will do anything for the insurance companies...' But surely not MANDATE we buy their product? 

In an interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, Nancy Pelosi trotted out -- and then quickly retreated from (kind of) -- a common Democratic response to criticism of their health-care legislation and the manner in it which it became law [video below]:

DIANE SAWYER: As you know, there was such vitriol around the capital. And also inside the room last night. We heard people saying, "This is Nancy Pelosi's one-party rule." We heard -- on the floor of the House, we heard Boehner -- we heard the Minority Leader Boehner say, "Shame on you. Shame."

NANCY PELOSI: Well, you know, some people will do anything for the insurance companies. And -- I think a good deal of -- there's some obvious feeling in the country -- that they are opposed to what the government -- increased government role in health insurance, in regulating the insurance companies. And some of that is legitimate. Some of it has been hijacked by the insurance companies, because they love the turf they've been on. The American People have been on the turf of the insurance company. Last night, the leverage changed. Now the insurance company will be on -- on -- the side of the --

DIANE SAWYER: Do you think (unintelligible) the Minority Leader's motive?


DIANE SAWYER: Was that John --


This is a way for Democrats to avoid addressing substantive questions -- imputing motives, and playing the "shill-for-industry" card. But it's an odd card to play, considering:

1) Barack Obama raised more money from health insurance companies than any politician in history.

2) Democrats have outraised Republicans by a 2:1 margin from the health insurance industry this cycle.

3) The bill Nancy Pelosi shephereded through the House made it illegal for Americans not to own the insurers' products, and illegal for (many) employers not to buy the insurers' product for employees. The bill also subsidizes the purchase of private health insurance, effectively transferring money from taxpayers to insurance companies.

4) This is not the first time Pelosi has pushed legislation subsidizing health insurance companies.

5) Political Action Committees from the health sector have given Pelosi $229,000 so far this election cycle, that's $70,000 more than they've given Boehner.

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