Pediatric group crosses ethical line 

On April 26, the American Academy of Pediatrics went completely bonkers and essentially gave its members permission to participate in a scaled-down version of the genital mutilation of female children under the guise of “cultural sensitivity,” Time magazine reports.

The Academy’s reasoning – if you can call it that – is that families from predominantly Muslim nations where this sort of barbarity is widespread will presumably not take their young daughters overseas for the procedure if compliant American doctors are willing to perform it here.

Have these people lost their minds?

This gruesome procedure – which is performed on girls as young as two – includes a clitoridectomy and the sewing together of the child’s external labia. The resulting scarring can cause lifelong medical problems, especially during childbirth. Which is why this abominable practice has rightly been outlawed in the U.S.

AAP’s decision to muddy the ethical and legal waters by allowing board-certified pediatricians to make “ritual nicks” in order to mollify Muslim parents sends the message that female genital mutilation is just another one of those diverse “lifestyle” choices permitted in a civilized nation.

“We knew that it was a controversial idea,” Dena Davis, a professor at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and the AAP report’s lead author acknowledged in an understatement. However, she conceded that the AAP did not ask communities that routinely practice female genital mutilation whether the proposed “nick” would be accepted as an alternative.

In a statement almost as outrageous as AAP’s sudden change of policy, Time writer Belinda Luscombe claims near the end of her studiously neutral story that “in some instances, girls welcome the procedure as a rite of passage into womanhood.” Like hell they do. A four-year-old girl has no idea what a “rite of passage” or “womanhood” is. Adult victims invariably recall screaming in pain and terror as adults they trusted held them down and cut them up.

Luscombe’s tawdry attempt to justify the premeditated mutilation of these little girls is as sickening – and false – as doctors who think they will not be corrupted by participating in such ritual abuse.

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