Pawlenty: This ain't about easy 

Tim Pawlenty was clearly working to shed his mild demeanor at CPAC today, raising his voice and whipping through a red meat filled speech for the crowd. The speech, however, largely imitated earlier speakers as he talked about the need to cut spending, get rid of big government, repeal Obamacare, and reaffirm the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

His conclusion, however, seemed particularly poignant for American citizens struggling through difficult times and seemed to highlight a spirit of can-do toughness found in the mid-west.

Excerpt below:

My friends, this is not going to be easy, if prosperity was easy, then everybody around the world would be prosperous, if freedom were easy then everybody in the world would be free, and if security was easy then everybody around the world would be secure. They're not.

It takes an extraordinary effort, it takes extraordinary commitment it take extraordinary strength to stand up and oppose those who would take away those principals but we can do it.

Valley Forge wasn't easy, settling the West wasn't easy, winning World War II surly wasn’t easy and going to the moon wasn't easy.

This ain't about easy, We've had enough of the speeches filled with rhetoric that soars, but takes the country in the wrong direction. This is about rolling up our sleeves, plowing forward, standing tall, and getting the job done. This is the United States of America, we are the American people we have seen difficulties before and we always overcome.

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