Pawlenty and Obama agree: Libya does not trigger War Powers Act 

According to The Hill, former-Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York today that the War Powers Act “does not apply” to the current U.S. military operation in Libya. This appears to be the same position President Obama took on the issue.

But there is some doubt. The Hill also reports that Pawlenty said he would confer with members of Congress “as a courtesy and gesture of respect,” but that he does not believe congressional authorization is required for what is going on in Libya. This would be a much less problematic position for Pawlenty to espouse. Many conservatives do believe that the War Powers Act is an unconstitutional attempt to limit the presidential authority. Is that Pawlenty’s position here? Does Pawlenty believe the War Powers Act is unconsitutional?

No conservative believes that both the War Powers Act is constitutional, and that whatever is going on in Libya does not trigger its constraints. Few liberals do either. That is Obama’s current position. Is it really Pawlenty’s?

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