Paul Ryan's budget plan reflects conservative principles -- That's why Republicans are running from it 

Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, the top Republican on the Budget Committee, has put forward a long-term roadmap to fiscal sanity and solvency. Because it's a serious document it lays out serious, and difficult, cuts. That may be why Republicans want little to do with it. Peter Suderman of Reason tells the story in a Newsweek essay I recommend:

Ryan's proposal is instructive not only because it clarifies the difference between liberal and conservative policy, which is that serious reductions in government mean serious reductions in popular entitlements; it's also instructive about the road ahead for the GOP....

Yet in the Republican Party, the old politics of pandering to seniors and posturing about unnamed spending cuts still rules. "The Ryan Roadmap is a test," says Cato's Tanner, "and right now the Republican Party is failing it."

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