Patrick Kennedy's sour grapes over Scott Brown 

Even as a new poll hints that he faces his own election difficulties, Rep. Patrick Kennedy, D-R.I., took time yesterday to dump on newly elected Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass. Apparently, Brown made the mistake of demanding his seat as soon as he was certified and for possibly not voting as Kennedy's late father would have voted on a union-friendly nominee to the National Labor Relations Board. From The Hill:

"Brown's whole candidacy was shown to be a joke today when he was sworn in early in order to cast his first vote as an objection to Obama's appointment to the NLRB," Kennedy said Thursday.

Kennedy, who represents the eastern half of Rhode Island, also gave the impression that voters selected Brown not because of the promises he made on the campaign trail, but because they thought he would be a rubber-stamp for organized labor leaders. Union leaders were clinging to the hope that they could use the vote of interim Sen. Paul Kirk, D-Mass., to push through a second controversial labor nominee.

The young Kennedy's remarks:

"Seven out of ten of Brown's voters were labor households and he stressed that he was independent and while he was originally scheduled to be sworn in next week, they moved it up to today so he could cast his first vote, the most anti-labor, the most anti-what his constituents thought they were voting for when they voted for him," Kennedy said.

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